Access Centre (ARP): Curriculum

All students attached to the Access Centre are entitled to a ‘broad and balanced curriculum’. It is expected that the students will largely attend mainstream classes with their peer group with an appropriate level of classroom support to facilitate their learning.   In some cases, students are withdrawn from some mainstream lessons as and when necessary.  During this time, the Access Centre staff will deliver an additional or alternative curriculum, such as literacy, numeracy or an enhanced personal development programme.  In addition to the National Curriculum, many students will receive speech and language therapy (according to the provision set out in the Statement of Special Educational Needs/Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP)).

The Access Centre runs an alternative Physical Education (PE) programme for students who for a variety of reasons find accessing PE difficult. Students can engage in a range of activities that are designed to target their physical fitness, as well as social skills, and teamwork. Activities include sailing, golf, cricket, football, basketball and going to the Gym.

The Access Centre offers a variety of after school clubs which run on 3 days per week; these are Cooking, Homework and Rebound Therapy. Rebound Therapy uses trampolines to help students to promote balance, muscle tone, relaxation and sensory integration, whilst also improving communication skills. As demand changes we are able to offer other therapies or clubs such as Relaxation, Photography, Music, Art and Film Studies.

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