The PTA is a friendly organisation of parents and teachers dedicated to working together for the benefit of the school.

We are looking for parents willing to volunteer for the roles of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and ordinary committee members for the next academic year.  We would also welcome additional PTA volunteers to assist with events throughout the year but who do not want to be active committee members.  This may be attractive to parents who only have a limited amount of time.

By volunteering with the PTA you will be able to use your skills for a good cause and will connect with a group of people who are all concerned with creating a better environment for their children.  You will help plan events, socials and get togethers that the whole family can attend and you will help raise necessary funds that will improve the quality of the school overall.

The PTA has progressed to meet the changing needs of parents. Everyone is welcome to our PTA meetings - please check the calendar to see the date and time of our next meeting.

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