Your Head Boy & Head Girl

We are pleased to announce the election of our Head Boy and Girl for the academic year 2016-17. Both endured a rigorous selection process which involved them giving presentations to their peers, the school council, and then being interviewed by the Sixth Form team and by our Headteacher.

William and Jess are going into the second year of their A Level studies and are really looking forward to the year ahead and hope to make a real impact in their new role. We wish them every success.


"I applied to be Head Boy because I want to make a difference at Raynes Park on a larger scale. My past contributions to the school have focused on helping a specific group of people, but I feel this role will give me the chance to do something for the benefit of the whole school. I intend to encourage all students to voice their opinions about the school, in order to try to make the changes that you want to see."



"I have learnt a lot from my time at Raynes Park; such as seizing those opportunities you are given, and striving for what you believe in, and who you want to become. Education is a great opportunity you have been given; it’s the opportunity to learn new things you never thought existed; the opportunity to create new friendships that allow you to discover who you are and what you enjoy; and the opportunity to start a new beginning where you can succeed and become someone you aspire to be. So grab the opportunity while you can, because it’s the best one you will get."

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