BAFTA win!

We are thrilled to announce that the BBC animated documentary series 'I Can't Go To School Today' has won a British Academy of Film and Television (BAFTA) Children's award in the Primary Learning category. Each of the films explored an experience of a young person living with an illness or condition, told through first-person testimony by the children themselves.

Raynes Park High School student, Summer, gave her testimony in the episode 'Summer's Story', in which she describes how epilepsy has affected her everyday life. The clip can be viewed here;

"I was so shocked when Molly from Mosaic Films contacted us and told us the news." Summer said, after hearing of the win. "It’s made me feel so special that not only was I given the opportunity to do the animation, I'm now a BAFTA winner and not many people can say that can they? I'm so proud of myself and can't wait to tell everyone."

Molly Bond, Producer at Mosaic Films said "We are so delighted at our BAFTA win for ‘I Can’t Go To School Today'. Summer’s story of living with epilepsy is told by Summer herself, a brave and truly inspiring young person, who beautifully articulates what some children are facing every day at school."

Summer will be picking up her BAFTA award in a few weeks time, and we very much look forward to her bringing it in for us to see!

For more information on epilepsy and to see how you can support research that will make a difference to young people with the condition, please visit

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