RPHS Pinks and Blues

On a cold Monday night at Raynes Park High School, the Year 10 football team were sliced in half to form two 6-a-side teams that would go head-to-head with two Hollyfield teams.

The first game drew the two Raynes park teams against one another. After a tense first half of the game,the Raynes Park Pinks strung a succession of neat passes together to open the scoring and indeed the floodgates. The first match finished 3-1 to the Pinks.

What followed from both Raynes Park teams stunned the visitors. Numerous rockets from Nathan Best, some nice solo efforts from Kionte Waul and some steely defending from the likes of Josh Potts and Josh Boylan helped both teams to win against both of the Hollyfield teams. But perhaps the biggest surprise of the evening was how Kairhen Quintos managed to transform himself into a young Xavi, with assists coming from all over the pitch.

Congratulations to the Raynes Park Pinks for going the whole evening unbeaten and winning the tournament and to the Raynes Park Blues who came a close second.