"Curiouser and Curiouser..."

“Day dreaming can sometimes lead to the unexpected. We are taken into a magical world filled with talking caterpillars, grumpy flowers and evil queens. Will Alice ever find out why the White Rabbit is in such a hurry? Will the Cheshire Cat ever answer a question properly? Is there only so much tea the Mad Hatter can drink? And will Alice get home safely or will it be off with her head?”

This term our Sixth Formers worked alongside younger students to devise a dazzling production of ‘Alice In Wonderland’. With only five weeks of rehearsals, the show as a real team effort and the audience was treated to fantastic performances from all students. We were thrilled to see the countless rehearsals and hard work pay off.

We would like to say a big thank you to Thursday’s audience and to parents for continually supporting their child and the Drama department here at RPHS.

Miss Holledge would like to thank all of the staff at Raynes Park High School whose hard work helped this performance come together, in particular to Mr Robinson and the DT department for their expertise with the set, and to the art department for their help in creating the props and costume pieces. Miss Barnard and the COSST team designed the stunning posters, tickets, programme and organised the lighting, sound and staging. We’d also like to give a final thank you to Miss Hearn, Miss Ward, Mr Laidler, Mr Jones and Miss Murray and the Sixth Form students for helping tonight to run smoothly.

Finally, and most importantly, we’d like to thank all of the students who have been involved in this year’s Sixth Form production. It was fantastic working with such a creative, talented and committed cast and team.

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