Challenge Week

The final week of term saw students tackle another Challenge Week! There were quadruple Achievement Points up for grabs, and a record number were awarded. We were constantly impressed with the determination shown by students when faced with a challenge, and with the inventive, interactive lessons which teachers had devised. In one English lesson, the class were studying a complex poem about slavery. To help the class better understand the poem and the rhythm of the verses, Mr Liyanage briefly took his class out into the corridor and had them ‘row’, with another student dictating the pace. "It would have been awful because you had no choice, and you’d row for weeks and weeks." said one student "We did it in a warm, clean school, but it would have been terrible conditions." By interacting with the poem in this way, the students were able to build a much better understanding of the intricate poem.

In PE, Year 7 students had a ‘lucky dip’ of sports equipment and were then challenged to invent their own sport, including a comprehensive set of rules. Another PE class gradually built up their trampolining technique, with Ms Bartle demonstrating some advanced moves which many of the class were then able to emulate. In Catering, students made samosas from scratch, and in Art, were introduced to the work of Kandinsky and used his work as the inspiration for combining different mediums to create a shoe sculpture.

We were blown away by students’ motivation to succeed at these complex challenges, and can’t wait to see what teachers have planned for Challenge Week next term.


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