Silver Medal for RPHS Dance

Year 8 to 11 dance students travelled to the Copperbox Arena on Wednesday 8th March to represent the London Borough of Merton in the London Youth Games. Our dance troupe was competing against twenty-three schools, in KS4 mixed category. The students performed a dance piece inspired by the Wizard of Oz, with each dancer taking on a character with a different style of dance.

Raynes Park High School closed the show with an excellent, energetic performance which got the crowd on their feet. Following an agonising deliberation, the results were announced. We are thrilled to say that Raynes Park came an impressive 2nd, winning the silver medal. This means that Raynes Park High School came 2nd out of the twenty-three schools within London.

When speaking to the judge, Turbo from Got to Dance stated ‘I would pay money to come and see your performance' and that the troupe reminded him of the professional company 'Zoonation'. He also praised Adriana Linton (Year 11) who played Dorothy, saying that she should be 'on the big screen'. We had an amazing day with an excellent outcome - congratulations to all the dancers; Shemiah, Naseema, Cachel, Deborah, Alex, Adriana and Beyoncé.

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