News from the Governors

It has been all go for the Governors this term.

We maintained a strong focus on academic progress, particularly for our GCSE and A-level students. There is no doubt the Government’s new measurement systems are complex and are giving all schools problems. But we are confident that our dedicated staff and students will deliver good results for RPHS at all levels.

We have spent some time considering the school budget for this and the following two years. The school has done well to live within its means, and will benefit from the New Funding Formula proposed by the Government. But additional pressures keep mounting and we will continue to monitor the position closely.

We conducted a very successful Strategic Visit in June, covering the Access Centre and SEND provision. We were reassured by what we saw, and we are keen to develop plans for the future.

We have been delighted at the way the new Sports Strategy has developed. In particular, our links next year with Fulham FC will enhance the school’s prestige and provide a great base for developing our football. BECS Link is also beginning to yield some useful dividends, and our growing relationship with Wimbledon Hockey Club has become a significant part of our plans.

Our Parent Governors have been very active in support of the PTA and have been ever-present at parents’ evenings and other school events, helping to raise funds for the school. Next term, Governors will be appearing at a Parents Forum in order to explain what we do and encouraging parents to consider becoming Parent Governors.

In addition to our usual work, we conducted our biennial Self-Evaluation Review to ensure we are functioning as well as possible. We also instituted a new training policy and held a skills audit to ensure we have among our members access to all the skills that a modern Governing Body requires.

On the membership front, we gave full Governor status to our two Associate Members, Ben Bennett and Professor Graham Orpwood, and both have played a full part in our work. Sadly at the end of this term we shall say goodbye to two other Governors. Rebecca Costain has served for five years, and for three of these she has been Vice-Chair. She has done a tremendous amount of work for the school, most recently in support of the re-launched PTA. Christian Mba, our Staff Governor, has been an inspirational leader at RPHS and we have greatly valued his professional input over the last year.  Both Rebecca and Christian go with our thanks and very best wishes.