Cast Your Votes...

Raynes Park High School history is made today with it's first Year 11 Head Boy and Head Girl election. After a fantastic campaign by our eight Year 11 candidates, voting will commence at 1:40pm today. The final speeches have been presented, ballot slips have been distributed throughout the school and the final, toughest part is in your hands - making your decision.

For Head Girl, will it be Ellie, Kiera, Emily or Maryam? All gave heartfelt speeches and are passionate about making your voices heard. For Head Boy, will it be Ewan, Sean, Thomas or Owen? You can count on any of them to put your ideas into action and we have enjoyed every one of their campaign presentations. As Mr Liyanage said in assembly this morning; "It's up to you now."


Head Boy: Ewan

Head Girl: Kiera

Deputy Head Boy: Owen

Deputy Head Girl: Ellie

Senior Prefects: Maryam, Tom, Sean & Emily.