Open Evening

This term we opened our doors to families throughout the borough to show them what we at Raynes Park High School have to offer. Every department pulled out all the stops, with activities ranging from a spooky Shakespearean murder mystery in English, to a nitrogen ice cream demonstration in Science. Our students were quick to volunteer and we were so proud to see over three hundred students representing our school. Visitors were full of compliments about the student tour guides and were quick to get involved in each of the activities which departments had created.

The school was a hive of activity all evening. The familiar Countdown music could be heard in the English corridor, with both parents and students keen to get involved in the anagram game, and things got messy in Art, as students were given the chance to create their own clay sculptures. Following the delicious smell of baking to the D&T block, you would find students working away all evening to provide sweet and savoury treats to our visitors.

We were lucky to have so many student volunteers willing to wash up! We would like to thank our Year 7 speakers, Emily May Buller, Ebony Ope and Zeph Stow, who did a fantastic job speaking to prospective families within their first 3 weeks of being at RPHS. Our sincere thanks to all three hundred student ambassadors and to the many families who came to visit on both the Open Evening and Open Mornings this year.

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