Media Maniacs

We get a buzz thinking about the fact that our students make up the next generation of entrepreneurs and pioneers. If you are a young person reading this, you are alive at perhaps the most extraordinary time in history. At our fingertips, you now have instant access to the world’s most powerful tool: the media.

That excites us - and scares us a little - because with great power comes great responsibility; there’s the potential for new technologies to be greatly misused, as well as being used greatly. From Jamal Edwards (SBTV) to Poppy Dinsey (, young(ish) people like you are shaping the way we respond to the changing world around us.

Our students (MediaManiacs) are learning how to effectively wield the power of the media in a way that makes a positive contribution to society. In Year 10 students are producing radio adverts which explore the predominant representations of masculinity and femininity. Having completed practical productions ranging from magazines to billboard posters. Year 11s are studying the relationship between media institutions and audiences. Year 12 students are shooting short thriller movies, while studying the processes of production, distribution and marketing in the film industry. Year 13s are assessing the arguments for stricter regulation of the media, alongside producing their very own music videos.

We look forward to a successful year as the Media Department continues to develop. Watch this space for information on the forthcoming 2014 RPHS Oscar Awards Ceremony, a celebration and showcase of the hottest Raynes Park High School talent.

Shoutout to all the MediaManiacs, old and new!

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Mr Mba – Head of Media Studies

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