Newsoms are Superteams Champions 2014

The Raynes Park High School tradition known as Superteams. is a celebration of the journey that the Year 7  have taken since leaving their Primary schools and joining Raynes Park High School, and solidifying the friendships and teams that they have made in their new school. During the afternoon the pupils made strong teams for several different sports to represent their house. This in itself was a very difficult task as pupils had to learn about co-operation and putting the house before themselves, which is a life skill that is very difficult to learn.

Pupils showed great passion in all of their events especially when the teams joined together for the Haka and the Tug of War. This is when pupils showed solidarity in performance and did not leave anything to chance with the Tug of War and pupils worked incredibly hard to defeat the opposition that was in front of them.

The afternoon was a great success and all pupils and parents that came along shared in what was a fantastic event.

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