DT Homework Model brings Comfort to Family after Father's Death

Leo Goodwins, 8NZ, created a cardboard reconstruction of the Sutton Life Centre for his design and technology homework at Raynes Park High School.

Staff at the centre were so impressed with it they agreed to display the model in the Alcorn Close venue and it has taken pride of place behind the reception desk alongside the Christmas decorations.

Leo and his mother Sharon are re-building their lives after the sudden death of Leo’s in February this year.

Speaking about the model, which is about the size of an A4 piece of paper and includes a detailed reconstruction of the climbing wall with small Lego people, Mrs Goodwins said: "I think it is fantastic, Leo took so much time on it.

"His dad saw it before he died of cancer.

She said the model being such a success was some good news in a very difficult time for the family.

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