International Football Tour is a resounding success

Forty students making up the Year 10 Boys team, Year 8/9 Boys team and the Year 8/10 Girls team together with four members of staff visited Valkenburg in Holland to compete in  a series of  matches, training sessions as well as enjoying swimming, bowling and a stadium tour of FC Koln, a top Bundesliga team.

After 4 days and lots of hard work, RPHS played 9, won 7, drew 1 and lost 1, an extremely commendable result. The Year 10 team finished the tour unbeaten and the highest scoring match was for the Year 8/9 team who beat their opponents 11-1 in their final match.

Special mention goes to the following students:

Michael Lorenzo – Year 8/9 player of the Tour

 Will Allardyce – Year 10 player of the Tour

 Elisha Arjoon – Girls player of the Tour

Kat Cabral – Girls most improved player of the Tour                    

Alec Akwei – Year 10 most improved player

Louis Pickett – Year 8/9 most improved player

Thanks also to their excellent coaches, Mr Hayes, Mr Skinner and Ms McGullion.

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