'Baseless Fabric' Workshop

This week, some Raynes Park High School students have become potential inspiration for a new theatre piece. Merton-based Theatre Company ‘Baseless Fabric’ kindly dropped in to run a workshop with a class of our students in the run-up to their new Opera, which is currently in the research and development stage. The project is being funded by Arts Council England and they are feverishly gathering a multitude of stories from people of all ages from across the borough. Students shared what friendship means to them, their first best friend and how their friendships have changed over the years. The workshop ended with the class creating a short song together from scratch, supported by Baseless Fabric’s young composer Greg Harradine on guitar.

The production will be performed next summer, and will take place along the high street and in shopping centres in a promenade style.  If you’d like to contribute your stories about friendship towards an exciting new Merton project, head over to www.baselessfabric.co.uk/upcoming-productions and fill out their short questionnaire.

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