Heads of House

Students have many opportunities to develop their personalities and extend their skills in extra-curricular activities with their House. These may include sports competitions and events to raise money for House charities. Through these events students gain a great deal both socially and personally. We find that a sense of loyalty and commitment to the House is fostered. Each student is assigned to one of four Houses: Gibbs, Halliwells, Miltons and Newsoms, named after some of the school's original Housemasters.


Head of House: Mr Wheel

HOH Message: The House system plays a central role in the development of the RPHS values and helps promote participation in a number of diverse events over the course of the year. We encourage each and every member of the school community to get involved in any form of activity that they; would like to try, already enjoy doing or, that they will excel in. We aim to provide opportunities as part of the house system that will support pupils’ growth alongside a well-balanced curriculum.

In Gibbs, our strong sense of community and true integrity means we are able to achieve with class. Gibbs house members are constantly striving for excellence, arriving to school with a positive mind-set and challenging themselves to attempt new tasks and make progress in all subjects. Our house has a huge focus on participation, with the mentality that we can achieve anything if we work together. Charity fund-raising is also a subject we are passionate about within Gibbs, as well as on a whole school basis, which we will work tirelessly to support and surpass any target set in raising money for some incredible causes.

Being a teacher of Physical Education here at Raynes Park and a keen sportsman in general, competition is an integral part of my day-to-day life. I have strong will to win and this is just as true for house events, where I will be found encouraging pupils to achieve and enjoy themselves while giving 100% for their house. Gibbs.


Head of House: Ms Bartle

HOH Message: I have been a member of staff at Raynes Park High School as a PE and Dance teacher for six years but have also had the privilege of being a dedicated and passionate member of the Halliwells house. I believe and fully support the house system here at Raynes Park and enjoy observing how well students encourage each other on a daily basis within their house communities. As a PE teacher, I am naturally very competitive and am looking forward to leading Halliwells in many exciting House events, not just in sport, but every aspect of school life. I feel it is very fitting that the most recent House event (House Dance) was won by Halliwells and I intend to continue on this path of excellence into the new academic year.

As the new Head of Halliwells my main goal is to promote the value of community and participation for all. Every student at Raynes Park should feel proud and be fully aware they are a valuable member of their house. I believe the main strength Halliwells students consistently demonstrate is the natural ability to give peer support and respect. There are endless positive role models emerging from this talented House who successfully inspire our younger pupils.


Head of House: Ms Holland

HOH Message: I have been a Miltons tutor for the last three years and I am thrilled to be the Head of House this year. Miltons is built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect; students are extremely proud to be a member of the Miltons family. I want to continue to encourage this strong sense of community. Miltons is a diverse house where difference is celebrated and students are encouraged to relish in their array of talents. We are the current House Cup champions, my hope is that we continue to build on the current success and surpass our current achievements.

I would describe myself as a very competitive and approachable person. I would like to think that I am a relentless trier and hope to encourage this resilience in my students. I feel that it is important, for my students, to not be so focused on the finish line that they fail to find joy in the journey. My aim is to make sure that they all enjoy the journey and that they make the most of it.


Head of House: Ms Totty

HOH Message: My name is Miss Totty and I'm thrilled to have taken on the role of Head of Newsoms. I am an English teacher and love being a part of the Raynes Park school community. Now I am really excited to play a role in the success of Newsoms going forward this year.  

I know that as a House, Newsoms are fantastic at coming together as a community and achieving excellence, both academically and in competitions, events and clubs outside of the school day. Last academic year we came first place for attendance, number of positive apps and accelerated reader. I want to make sure we are at the top spot again at the end of this year!

Our house is grounded in the idea of family and belonging, where each student feels comfortable and confident enough to push themselves to achieve their potential. We show respect and resilience in everything we do, pushing through challenges to be the best version of ourselves possible.

I am so proud to have such a hardworking house, and my student leadership is a reflection of this. On the Newsoms student leadership this year are,

House Captain: Taliyaah Henry
Vice Captian: Jetta David
Year 9 Leader: Helen Lawk
Year 8 Leader: Monnay Marshall
Year 7 Leader: Crystal Amoo-Mensah