School History

The School opened in 1935 as a Boys' Grammar School in the County of Surrey.

The four Houses are named after four of five the original House Masters: Gibb, Halliwell, Milton, Newsom. The name of the fifth House Master, Cobb, was, until December 2002, used as a name for one of the buildings on the school site.

In 1969, the School was reorganised as a boys' comprehensive school for 13-18 year old pupils in the London Borough of Merton.
There have been nine Headteachers: John Garrett, Charles Wrinch, T. Henry Porter, G. David N. Giles, Brian Butler, John D. Massey, Ian Newman, Phillip Wheatley and Kirsten Heard.
In September 1990, the school became a mixed comprehensive school for 12-16 year old pupils.
As part of Merton's Schools Re-organisation Project, in which Merton switched from a three-tier system of First, Middle and High schools to a two-tier system of Primary and Secondary schools, Raynes Park High School began taking students at Year 7 (11 years of age). Our first intake of Year 7 students was in September 2002. As a result of the re-organisation, our site expanded dramatically to incorporate the former Bushey First school building and was subject to a substantial building and refurbishment programme which included a new Sports Hall, Autism Centre and teaching block.
The School badge was designed by Professor Halliwell, who wrote, "The badge is a symbolism of the immediate neighbourhood of the school and consists of a representation of the bridge carrying the Kingston By-Pass over the railway, the two main roads at the front and rear of the school and the railway with its rather spectacular express train. I am not sure whether the electrification was being talked about but the traditional streak of lightning in the badge symbolised the very fast trains that could be seen from the upstairs window in the front of the school."

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