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What is Spanish?

Spanish is an in-depth study of the language, culture and society of Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. It enables you to knowledgably navigate the Spanish speaking world be it for travel, business, study or personal interest.

What will I study?

You will study all aspects of the Spanish language, building directly on what you have learned at GCSE. In addition, you will gain an in-depth insight into the recent history and current affairs, music, art, food and media of Hispanic countries. You will analyse a Spanish film and work of literature and conduct a piece of research into an area of your own special interest. Transferable skills you will gain include refined language skills, essay writing, research skills, presentation skills and the self-confidence that being able to communicate effectively with native speakers of another language brings. Becoming proficient in another language is an asset which will add another dimension to any career or area of further study.

How will I be assessed?

External assessments take place at the end of Year 13 and consist of a comprehension and translation paper; an essay paper assessing your ideas on the film and play you study during the course and an oral exam during which you will present the findings of your research project to your teacher.

Is A-Level Spanish for me?

Spanish combines perfectly with any other course choice. You need to be curious about what makes Spain and the Spanish speaking world unique and the motivation and organisation to learn a language in order to be able to communicate with 580 million others around the world.