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What is Sport?

This course is aimed at providing learners with the depth and breadth of knowledge needed to take the first steps towards a successful career within sport whilst simultaneously developing the key, transferable skills needed to be a successful student of Higher Education.  

What will I study?

A wide variety of units which include (but are not limited to) topics such as: Anatomy and Physiology, Practical Performance, the Organistaion of Sports Events, Injuries and Rehabilitation and Performance Analysis.  

How is the course assessed?

The course is assessed through a combination of internally assessed coursework units and externally assessed exam units. Several of the internally assessed units will include some form of practically assessed element.  

Who should study Sport?‚Äč

Anyone with an interest in Sport and or looking to advance into a career within sport. Some potential future careers include: Sports Teacher, Coach, Personal Trainer, Sports Official, Nutritionist, Sports Journalist. In addition, those who have an affinity for Sport and Exercise and are self-motivated to succeed at Level 3 can use this course as a platform to gain exceptional grades while at Sixth Form.