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Information Technology

What is IT?

IT focuses on the development of a range of applications across platforms and sectors. Students will gain the right combination of knowledge, understanding and skills required for the 21st Century, enabling you to demonstrate the skills of writing specifications, and the design, build, testing and implementation of applications.

In addition to the mandatory units, students must also achieve the mandatory pathway unit Application Design.

What will I study?

Unit 1 - Fundamentals of IT (External Exam) A sound understanding of IT technologies and practices is essential for IT professionals. Information learnt in this unit will create a solid foundation in the fundamentals of hardware, networks, software, the ethical use of computers and how businesses use IT.

Unit 2 – Global Information (External Exam) The purpose of this unit is to demonstrate the uses of information in the public domain, globally, in the cloud and across the Internet, by individuals and organisations.

Unit 6 – Application Design (Coursework) The purpose of this unit is to prepare students to undertake skills & technical knowledge about designing an application, students will also learn key transferable skills about liaising with clients, questioning people effectively to gain the information they need to develop successful designs, and presenting their ideas to an audience and getting feedback from them.

Unit 15 – Game design and Prototyping (Coursework) This unit will help students develop skills in designing and developing a prototype for a simple game. It will enable them to consider the logic of the programming structures required, as well as the interface design.

Unit 21 – Web Design and Prototyping (Coursework) In this unit students will research, design and produce an interactive responsive website that is specific to a client’s needs, culminating in presenting the concept of the website using the prototype to the client.

How is the course assessed?

You will study five units (three mandatory and two optional units) and be assessed by two external examinations and three pieces of coursework.

Who should study IT?

You should study IT if you have a passion for computers or maths and you would like to develop your knowledge, understanding and skills of the principles of IT and Global Information Systems. Through the study of IT, you will gain transferable skills required by Universities and employers in the 21st century.