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What is Chemistry?
Understanding Chemistry helps to understand the world around you. By studying it, you learn to piece together the building blocks of life whilst practicing useful and transferable skills.

What will I study?
In the AQA Chemistry A-level course, three main units are studied: Physical Chemistry which looks at atoms, bonding and kinetics; Inorganic Chemistry which takes an in-depth look into trends in the Periodic Table; and Organic Chemistry which studies various compounds containing Carbon. Throughout the course, practical investigations are embedded for which a range of laboratory skills are required.

How will I be assessed?
At the end of year 13, students sit three 2-hour papers which include short and long answers questions, mathematical problems and a multiple choice section.

Who should study A Level Chemistry?
The study of Chemistry at A-level pairs very well with other sciences, but gives students several general transferable skills too, such as problem solving, numeracy, organisation and teamwork. These skills make Chemistry a desirable subject to study for those wishing to apply to university and pursue a career in science.