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Core Maths

What is Core Maths?
Mathematics in Context (Level 3 Core Maths) AS level qualification is for any student who is interested in the wider world and setting themselves up for the world of work.   Core Maths builds upon and strengthens the existing skills developed during their GCSE Maths course but has a sharper focus on problem-solving and using and applying mathematics to solve problems relevant to students’ everyday lives.

What will I study?
The Core Maths course covers various areas of commerce and life in general, but in terms of content there are four content strands selected on the basis of their relevance and application to a wide range of areas of study and employment: Applications of Statistics, Linear Programming, Probability, and Sequences and Growth.

Students will be encouraged to work collaboratively on tasks that require them to express their thoughts and verbalise their ideas. This discursive way of working allows students to express a deeper and richer level of understanding of underlying mathematical concepts.

How will I be assessed?
External assessments take place at the end of Year 13 and are 2 x 1 hour 40 minute exams which includes a seen paper for one of the exams.

Who should study Core Maths?
Everyone! The skills and topics studied in Core Maths are relevant to everyday life and will help develop skills used in the workplace.  Core Maths will be particularly relevant for students who are interested in the following degree courses: Psychology, Geography, Business-related courses, Sports and Social Sciences, and Natural Science courses that do not require AS/A Mathematics, as the course develops their quantitative and problem solving skills.