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What is Dance?
This qualification offers an engaging programme to support learners who want to pursue a career in Dance. It can prepare learners for a range of Apprenticeships in performance-related areas. When taken alongside further Level 3 qualifications. Studying Dance requires you to develop technical, physical and performance skills. It also allows you to develop your understanding of the creative process (e.g. responding to a stimulus), the staging elements of theatre, the role of a choreographer/dancer, understanding the anatomy of the body and learning how to work effectively as part of a team.

What will I study?
You will study 5 units over the two year course. These units are aimed at developing your personal performance skills and techniques; your ability to understand and work as part of a group to create a performance piece and also to develop your ability to research and investigate the work of leading practitioners within the field of dance.

How is the course assessed?
The course is comprised of 5 units, of which 3 are internally assessed coursework based units and 2 are externally assessed units. Both the internal and external units include elements of written and practical assessment.

Who should study Dance?‚Äč
Anyone with an interest in pursuing a career within Dance or the field of Performing Arts. Learning Dance also supports access to a range of Higher Education courses in the Performing Arts sector and allows students to develop a variety of skills which can be transferable to many other professions. Students should have an keen interest in the technical and theoretical aspects of the subject as well as being open to learning a diverse range of dance styles.