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English Literature

What is the subject about?
‘Literature isn’t just about literature, it’s about history, culture, morality and the human experience.’

Studying English allows you to delve into some of the most prominent texts of our time.

What will I study?

  • Component 1: Drama – a Shakespearean play and one other drama from tragedy
  • Component 2: Prose – post and pre-1914 novel comparison 
  • Component 3: Poetry - selection of post-2000 specified poetry and a named poet from within a literary period
  • Component 4: Coursework – two complete texts linked by theme, movement, author or period

How is the course assessed?
The course is assessed through four components (three examinations and one piece of coursework)

Who should study English Literature?‚Äč
You should study English Literature if:

  • You have an inquiring mind
  • You are organised, motivated and keen to learn about history, culture, morality and the human experience
  • You have excellent analytical skills, enjoy discussion, critiquing and applying critical theories