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Literacy at Raynes Park

At Raynes Park High School we believe that improving our students’ literacy skills is key to their academic success across the curriculum.  With this in mind, we find every opportunity to nurture and develop their reading, writing and oracy skills. When students start at Raynes Park High School in Year 7 they are introduced to all of their new subjects through the context of a novel which they read and enjoy as a group. We believe that this induction sets the tone for the culture of reading which runs through our school community. In addition we place emphasis on subject specific terminology in all of our lessons and encourage our students to be verbally articulate in the classroom and also in their writing. To support this we have created our own dictionary, full of the academic language we encourage our students to use. You can download a copy of our dictionary using the link below:

Our Tutor Time Reading Programme

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Raynes Park High School Tutor Time Reading Programme. For three tutor sessions a week, students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 will be read to by their tutor while students follow along with their own copy of the book and bookmark. Reading aloud allows for exposure to countless words and phrases which are not found in every day dialogue as well as the social experience of reading together, which builds a sense of community and belonging.

Over the academic year, students will read a range of carefully selected classic stories and non-fiction texts from different cultures, traditions and time periods. Our aim is to expose our students to challenging themes and immerse them in different worlds and perspectives. In introducing this initiative in 2020, our hope is to create a sense of calm, focus and a genuine love of reading among our students at Raynes Park High School.


PiXL Unlock is an online platform which seeks to unlock academic vocabulary and develop students’ language for the world beyond the classroom. We would like for all our students in Year 7 to 9 to complete 3 activities a day in addition to the homework set by their class teachers. By completing these activities students will increase their vocabulary by 21 words a week. The PiXL Unlock app is available for iOS and Android via the App Store and Google Play, respectively. Links to download the app can be found below:


PiXL Reading

For helpful information including hints and tips to support your child’s reading, please see our half-termly PiXL Reading communications below:

Communication to Parents:





KS3 Spellings

Every Monday, KS3 students receive a list of ten spellings on Satchel One (formerly Show My Homework). Students are given three chances to spell a word correctly that is read out loud to them. On the third attempt, students are given some clues with letters being provided for them. Students will need a computer/phone/tablet with audio to complete their spellings. Our expectation is for every student to attempt their spelling list each week in order to improve. If your child is having difficulty with their spellings, please contact Mr Chick  who will be able to support them. His email address is 

Word of the Week

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