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What is Media?
The Media is the most dynamic, innovative and influential method of mass communication of modern times. It has been reported that adults in Great Britain are consuming media for almost 8 hours a day. We are bombarded by other people’s representations of the world and how we respond to these representations can affect our perceptions of people, places and society, of politics and culture, of ourselves and of our place in the world. Media Studies is a vital tool necessary to understanding The Media’s significance and its power.

What will I study?
As a Media Studies student, you will analyse how media products use language and representations to create meaning. You will learn about The Media Industry and how the industry affects how media products are made. You will investigate media audiences, exploring who are the people who watch, read and consume the products and considering how different people might respond to products differently, and why. You will study many different media forms, such as: 

Television, OnlineMedia, Advertising and Film Marketing, Magazines, Newspapers, Social and Participatory Media, Music Video, Radio and Video Games

How is the course assessed?
Assessment will comprise of a mixture of examined and non-examined assessment. 

  • Component 1: Written examination: 2 hours 15 mins, 35% of qualification
  • Component 2: Written examination: 2 hours 30 mins, 35% of qualification
  • Non-exam assessment: Cross-Media Production, 30% of qualification

Who should study Media?
If you have an interest in The Media, enjoy films, television, social media and other media texts. If you have an inquisitive mind and want to think about the messages that we are constantly being bombarded by in our interactions with The Media. If you have an analytical brain and question the ideologies and representations we are subjected to through our televisions, newspapers and mobile devices. If you are creative and think that you can begin to produce your own media texts and have a say in the media texts and forms that are consumed by the public. If the answer to these questions is yes, then A Level Media Studies is for you.