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What is Sociology?
Sociology is the study of society on a number of different levels. A subject which helps explain social change, past, present and future. A subject which encourages political and social engagement with contemporary social issues and a subject which involves being actively involved with social research and policy

What will I study?
The course offers a number of compulsory core topics such as: Education, Family, Beliefs of Society, Crime and Deviance & Theory and Methods. Within these units of study, you will look at the impact of crimes in our society; explaining the conflict posed by religion and science in society; the sociological explanations for differences in education achievement and how social policy is viewed as patriarchal.

How is the course assessed?
There are a range of forms of assessment, all exam based. These range from short answer to longer essay questions. There is no coursework. Assessment will take place at the end of the two year course over 3 papers each 2 hours long and out of 80 marks

Who should study Sociology? ‚Äč
If you are interested in the world around you and trying to explain our society then this is the subject for you. Sociology compliments many other A level subjects as well and varied University courses and careers. Studying Sociology as a Social Science and will provide an excellent basis for many careers such as Local and Central Government positions, Police, Probation Services, Legal Profession, Counselling, Nursing, Social Services, Occupational Therapy, Social Worker, Physiotherapist, Teacher, Criminal Profilers, Journalism, Public Relations and Marketing.