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Student Welfare

Form Tutors

The Form Tutor’s role is central to the welfare and success of students. They are your first point of contact at the school. Any problems regarding behaviour or any other query may be discussed with your son/daughter’s Form Tutor in school by appointment, by email or by telephone through the school Reception – 020 8946 4112

the role of the form tutor

1) To look after your son/daughter’s well-being:
• Maintain regular contact with parents and carers – for expressions of praise as well as concerns (phone calls, letters, meetings)
• Get to know the students: take a personal interest in them; get to know about their hobbies, interests, concerns & successes
• Participate with students in educational visits, lunch-time and after school activities
• Encourage and facilitate student participation in RPHS activities e.g. School Council, inter-House competitions, sport/music/drama events

2) Monitor progress and encourage achievement:
• Seek feedback from students about attitudes to lessons and progress made
• Liaise with subject teachers about the progress of individuals and the Tutor Group
• Monitor the progress of students across the curriculum
• Praise where appropriate; take action where there is concern
• Encourage students in the achievement of House Points and rewards
• Meet parents and students at Parents’ Consultations and give appropriate feedback
• Refer to the Head of Year if there are any ongoing concerns regarding learning

3) Expect high standards of attendance, punctuality and behaviour:
• Rigorously follow all RPHS procedures for improving attendance and punctuality and follow up with students where there are concerns
• Ensure the behaviour policy is implemented with particular attention to guidelines on uniform, jewellery & basic equipment
• Monitor students on report
• Seek support from and/or refer students to Head of Year when concerned about aspects of welfare or behaviour
• Ensure excellent behaviour during assembly times, including entering and exiting the Main/Bushey Hall

4) Make effective use of registration time:
• Ensure high quality displays of RPHS posters, students’ work and certificates/awards
• Check school planners have been signed and ensure students are using planners appropriately
• Carry out ‘Ready to Learn’ checks
• Communicate information to individuals and the whole group as required
• Encourage a culture of self-discipline and responsibility (including collective responsibility)
• Promote the RPHS values
• Celebrate group successes
• Regularly acknowledge individual successes, both publicly and privately

Heads of Year

The Head of Year will track student progress and attendance, and will follow through on any concerns related to  behaviour, effort, attendance and punctuality. There is also an emphasis on ensuring that students achieve their potential and are supported in overcoming any barriers which they face.

The Head of Year will highlight achievements and improvements made by individual students and also communicate regularly with parents/carers when a student may need specific interventions to support their progress and behaviour for learning.

Inclusion Mentor

Our Inclusion Mentor is responsible for supporting students in an informal way. If issues arise students may be referred to the Inclusion Mentor who will meet with students and undertake some monitoring to ensure that students cope with life at school and address the barriers to learning. There is also an informal drop-in session at lunchtimes, where students can come and talk through a range of issues, and there is a range of targeted group work including Friendships, Self-Esteem, Anger Management, Resilience through Art and Conflict Resolution workshops.