World Book Day

RPHS really went to town with World Book Day this year.  We didn’t just have a day; we had a week!  Our much-loved library was the focus of our activities every break and lunchtime.  We had the Doctors of Poetry who would cure your problems with a poem, the Boards of Evidence where students could link their favourite books to find new books to love, the Book Swap where you could swap old stories for new adventures and lastly the unmissable Blind Date with a Book! 

On World Book Day itself, we had teams of students taking part in a Sherlock Holmes game, Harry Potter Club and filming video book reviews.  Our year 7s and 8s dressed up as their favourite book characters and so did some of our bravest teachers!  The Harry Potter Club also made delicious butterbeer for everyone’s enjoyment.

Our library has never looked more enticing and we made sure all our students had the chance to explore books and the pleasures of reading from all sorts of different perspectives. 

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