Governors Update

The Governors have got off to a busy start to the new school year. They welcomed two new Associate Members – Professor Graham Orpwood, who has recently retired as a Professor of Education, and Ben Bennett, Chief Operating Officer for a large firm of City accountants.

At our first meeting, we followed up our excellent A-level and GCSE results over the summer by reviewing the School Improvement Plan. This is our route map for taking the school forward from the Good grading that Ofsted gave us last October. The Headteacher is now working on some revisions before the Plan comes back to us for further approval. At the September meeting, Governors also approved our Forward Work Programme for the year, on which we will report back to parents at the end of each term and in our Annual Report.

Governors also carried out one of our regular Strategic Visits to the school on 3 October. We focussed on our liaison with primary schools and the transition to Year 7, and on the education of More Able students at RPHS. In addition to presentations from staff, we were pleased to conduct a Learning Walk to see the school in action. We were also very pleased to talk to two groups of students, one of them a very bright and lively sample of our new Year 7s, a month into their time with RPHS.

Outside of school, Mrs Heard and I have been talking with other schools to the London Borough of Merton about the future shape of schooling in the area. We look forward to the council developing their strategy in response to Government policy. For us, the schooling and welfare of our students at RPHS will always remain the priority.

One of the Year 7 students at our Strategic Visit described the school as "one big happy family". How good that she had picked up on this so quickly. Long may it remain so, for that is the best ethos for developing our students’ learning.


Michael Ross

Chair of Governors