Inspiration amongst the spires at Cambridge University

The students were up early on Saturday morning to meet up at the gates of Raynes Park High School at 7.30am, ready to begin the long coach journey up to the prestigious university. Upon arrival, we were relieved to find a small, affordable coffee shop in which to warm up our hands, as the freezing temperatures began to numb our fingers. We then filed in to an auditorium to listen to a lecture aimed at guiding A Level choices which would help our future chances at being accepted in to a ‘Russell Group’ university such as Cambridge.

Time flew as we took notes on which subjects are favoured, especially when wanting to take a scientific route to our careers, and how to choose subjects which pair well together and look favourable in an application. Of course, different subjects were favourable depending on which course someone would want to go in to, so there was a lot of information to filter according to our own plans, and to take in.

Some ‘keystone’ subjects to take at A Level if you wanted to take a social science at University included English Literature, Languages, History and Maths. Keystone subjects differed however if you aspired to do a more scientific course such as medicine. These included Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We learned that pairing these sciences could also be beneficial to you and a course you are taking, as sometimes the information is relevant or applicable to more than one subject.

Learning what it might take to become a successful Cambridge University applicant, how to choose A Levels more effectively, what being a Cambridge student is like and what kinds of societies and extra-curricular activities Cambridge University offer has been highly beneficial and influential to myself, and other students who were offered a placement on the trip. It has opened our eyes to all of the possibilities that we may not have otherwise imagined, and helped us aspire to be the best we can be, and set our sights high.


Paige Chappell -  Yr 11

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