PPE GCSE Exam Results

Last week, our Year 11 students took part in a special assembly in honour of receiving their PPE GCSE results. The exams were sat before Christmas, but it is only now that those results can be issued to students in the infamous, white sealed envelope. The assembly occurs every year and is a crucial aspect of their learning process, mimicking the August results assembly in which students will be presented with their final GCSE results. The PPE and results-giving prepares students for what to expect in their big exam period later this year and also demonstrates the importance of thorough exam preparation. With these results, teachers have the opportunity to recognise achievement and are given a clear benchmark of their students’ current progress.

For many students, these grades were a confirmation of the time and effort they have dedicated to their studies, and they must be congratulated for their steady motivation through the exam period. For some students there was disappointment upon seeing their results and they know with more revision and attention to detail, they can achieve higher grades. In response to this, Mr Myton’s inspirational assembly sought to encourage these students to full apply themselves to every subject, so when they open those envelopes in August, they are proud to say they did their absolute best.

"This current year group has the potential to achieve outstanding things and as a school we will continue to help, guide and support them," said Deputy Headteacher, Mr Myton. "Some of the results achieved at this stage of the year is testament to how hard our pupils are working, however we know the hard work that is ahead and we will continue to meet the expectations required so that every child can fulfil their full potential." During his assembly, as a final thought he quoted Carl Bard; “Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

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