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Raptors warm up with win

Raynes Park hosted a round robin event with Cheam High and Coombe Boys on Friday 28th September 2018.

The  U13's continued their rugby development on Friday 28thSeptember with warm up games against Cheam High and Coombe Boys. In a small round robin event, where each school played each other twice on our sports ground, the Raptors were able to beat Cheam and run Coombe very close. While it was clear that Cheamand Coombewere slightly further along with their rugby specific knowledge, the Raptors demonstrated frightening natural talent with their consistent ability to line break through sheer pace and power. The boys from all schools were buzzing after each game and cannot wait for the Super Rugby competition to launch on Monday 15thOctober, where schools from Sutton, Kingston, Merton and Richmond will compete in a series of tournaments hosted at local rugby clubs. In a F1 style points scoring system, we eagerly await who will be crowned inaugural Super Rugby Champions next April. An average of 35 students are training every Wednesday across KS3... 35 more than there were two years ago. Exciting times for rugby indeed!