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The Raynes Park High School Community Outreach Initiative has been developed to enrich the opportunities of our learners and those in the local community. Where opportunities are developed, they should focus on the development and implementation of Programmes, Projects and People Awards that can be used to support the school's aims. The Outreach Programmes will focus on strategic opportunities that can attract investment; create a community education hub; create positive community outcomes; and develop skills with a sustainable impact.

The Community Outreach Initiative will continue to pursue the development of strategic partnerships and programmes to deliver programmes, people awards, and projects through:

  • Business Initiatives – Developing relationships with key partners who can support the school in driving social and economic changes
  • Education Initiatives - Supporting a diverse academic approach to enrich the learning of RPHS students
  • Charity Initiatives – Encouraging opportunities to develop awareness of global issues and support change
  • Sport & Art Initiatives - Inspire skill development, creativity and healthy lifestyles