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  • 17/07/20

    Chair's Report - Summer 2020

    The summer term has been unique in the history of RPHS. Not since World War II has the school had to function with so many students off-site – in this case, sitting at home in front of PCs, laptops and phones rather than as evacuees in the countryside. It has been a real test of our resilience...
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  • 20/12/19

    Chair's Report - Autumn 2019

    As the new Chair of Governors, I found myself probably as excited as the new Year 7 intake, which this year rose to a new all-time high of 229 pupils, an astonishing endorsement of the demand and popularity of RPHS in the area.
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  • 19/07/19

    Chair's Report - Summer 2019

    The Summer term has passed with surprising speed but there has been plenty to occupy the Governing Body in challenging and supporting the school to provide the best outcomes for all our students – the bottom line in our vision for RPHS.
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  • 05/04/19

    Chair's Report - Spring 2019

    The Spring term is the shortest of the year, but a good time to judge the school.
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  • 21/12/18

    Chair's Report - Autumn 2018

    The Autumn term is always an exciting time as each year group settles into its new place.
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  • 20/07/18

    Chair's Report - Summer 2018

    There is a great deal going on in RPHS currently, and it is sometimes hard to keep up.
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  • 30/03/18

    Chair's Report - Spring 2018

    The Spring term this year has been uncommonly short, but it has still contained plenty of activity for the Governing Body.
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  • 22/12/17

    Chair's Report - Autumn 2017

    The autumn term is always a very full one, as the school beds into the new academic year. This term has been no exception, but it has been a pleasure to be part of a vibrant school community, growing in strength and endeavour and confident in our future as a place where parents want to send their ch...
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  • 21/07/17

    Chair's Report - Summer 2017

    The Governors have had a very full summer term. We are determined that our school should be one where the best in every student is developed, so that their potential can be fully realised. Social coherence and social inclusion are only policy-makers’ phrases unless comprehensive schools like o...
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  • 31/03/17

    Chair's Report - Spring 2017

    This has been an unusually busy spring term, and the Governors have had a lot to do. In addition to our regular programme of Full Governing Body and committee meetings, there have been two Strategic Visits to the school, one in each half-term, focussing on Modern Foreign Languages and Personal, Soci...
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  • 23/12/16

    Chair's Report - Autumn 2016

    The first term of the school year is invariably a busy one for Governors as we set the direction and tone of our work. At our first Steering Group meeting, we agreed a Forward Work Programme for the year, which as usual is a blueprint for where we intend to concentrate our efforts over the following...
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  • 22/07/16

    Chair's Report - Summer 2016

    This has been another busy and productive term. As I write, we are approaching the school’s 80th birthday celebrations. I sometimes wonder how RPHS today would have struck our founding Headmaster, John Garrett, and that brilliant coterie of intellectual friends – W H Auden, Rex Warner, C...
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