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Remembrance Day


This morning our Year 7s were joined by our RPHS Alumni for a special Remembrance Day assembly. We remembered all those who have died in wars around the world as well as in both World Wars. We also took the time to reflect on those who have survived such terrible wars and subsequently left with horrible memories and thoughts. People such as Wilford Owen, a poet who wrote the incredibly famous poem ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’. Our head boy read the powerful poem out for us all to hear, as we took some time to think about those who have given their life to fight in conflict. Closer to home one of our very own teachers, Mr Harris spoke about his experience with war, and put into perspective the realities of war, when he joined the Air Force when he was 18.

Mr Collman showed everyone a very significant photo of the very room we were sat in. The main hall in 1939, just before WW2 broke out which at the time was used as the canteen. In the photo you could see former students who would have been sent to war. Some year 7 students read out their individual names of RPHS students who tragically died in World War Two.

We finished the assembly to the Last Post followed with a two minutes’ silence to commemorate who have fought in all wars and died in conflict. It was lovely to welcome  our  alumni back into our school again for such an important assembly. We look forward to having them back soon.

If you would like to see more videos and photos from the assembly, please visit our Instagram and Facebook pages.