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Charitable Trust

Your school is calling!

The Raynes Park High School Charitable Trust was established as in 1998 in order to support the school in its essential additional fundraising for those projects small and large which are not covered by Government or Local Authority funding. It can also provide assistance to individual pupils of the School either directly or via the school for educational activities which would they could not otherwise afford. The administration of such awards is under the control of the Board of Trustees whose members include the current Headteacher, former pupils (2), a former governors (2), a current governor and a former Headteacher.

The Trust has played a critical role in facilitating big projects such as the artificial turf pitch and the new sportsground acting as a necessary conduit for large donations from other grant giving charitable foundations. As well, it has provided grants for outdoor table tennis equipment, a minibus, playground furniture and photographic equipment for the Art Department. Individual pupils have received awards to carry out specific studies or take part in school trips. Over 80 grants have been made since 1998. Funds come from donations, gift aid, deeds of covenant and bequests.

The trust urgently needs to attract further funds to support important projects for the school and is therefore considering how it can most effectively achieve this aim. We need your help with ideas and of course with donations. Our aim is to involve members in this campaign to raise awareness about the current challenges and ambitions for the school, and of course encourage modest (or not so modest) donations.

Your feedback to the secretary on is welcome and we will be in touch again shortly with more detail about specific projects.

Thank you!

RPHS CT Trustees