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Equality at RPHS is embedded into our ethos and school community at all levels. For every young person to be prepared for life in modern Britain, it is vital that our curriculum reflects the full diversity of the world we live in. Kindness, respect, tolerance of others, equality and diversity are all values that are imperative to our school and our wider communities. We frequently seek student and staff voice on areas surrounding Equality to ensure that our school community is the most inclusive environment it can be.

In addition, Newsoms House change project is ‘Equality and Diversity’ and student house leaders have the responsibility of raising of the profile of Equality in all aspects of the school community and have come up with some amazing ideas so far!

Why is Equality important to us at RPHS?

The Equality Act 2010 places duties on schools not just to address prejudice-based bullying but also to help to prevent it happening, and in doing so to keep protected characteristic groups safe. This highlights the importance and our relentless commitment to ensuring students are provided with learning opportunities on key Equality issues in our society, and most importantly, to become informed citizens and advocates of Equality in our society.

As a school we also acknowledge the importance of collectively taking part in National Awareness Events that allow the opportunity for students to develop their understanding further about the importance of Equality for all.

Whole School National Awareness Events - LGBT+ History Month

For more information about LGBT+ History Month visit

During LGBT+ History Month we ran an ‘Expression of Equality’ House competition for our students. Here is one of the entries:


We live in a world full of unequal people,
White is apparently better than black,
A mosque is supposedly worse than a steeple.

Men do not have something that a woman will lack,
But this month we learn of a different community,
So let us change tack.

Does it really matter who comes together in unity?
A woman and a woman or a man and a man,
Is it your business of their holy matrimony?

Some people may be pan,
They love all genders,
Or bisexual people love a woman or a man.

Others may remember,
Those born as the wrong sex,
We call those transgender.

The intersex community are those with different sexual organs - that’s what you’ll read in a text,
Or what about the allies of this community?
They ought not to be forgotten, they help change what happens next.

So let us come together in unity,
Whether you are straight or cis or gay or trans,
Let us come together and create equality.

By Zoe, Year 8 Student