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Governor Information


We are required to publish information about all governors who have served on the Raynes Park High School Governing Body since 1 September 2019.

Forename Surname Category Start Date End Date Appointed by Committee Membership  Position of responsibility
Current Governors          
Carolyn Barnes Co-opted 15/09/2020 14/09/2024 GB SQC  
Stephen Benjamin Co-opted 22/03/2018 21/03/2022 GB Business, Pay, HT Appraisal  
Tracey Benzecry Co-opted 28/03/2019 27/03/2023 GB Business, Pay, HT Appraisal Vice-Chair of GB, 2020-21
Hannah Davidson Co-opted 27/03/2020 26/03/2024 GB SQC  
Hamish Dowlen Co-opted 07/07/2015 07/07/2023 GB Business, Pay  
Kirsten Heard HT 01/09/2015 - Ex-Officio    
Sam  Kuti Staff  13/03/2019 12/03/2023 Staff  SQC  
Moira  McGarr Co-opted 07/07/2015 07/07/2023 GB Business, SQC  
Dean Murphy Parent  02/04/2019 01/04/2023 Parents SQC  
Maxine Ovens Parent 21/10/2019 20/10/2023 Parents SQC  
Michael Ross Co-opted 07/07/2015 07/07/2023 GB Business, HT Appraisal Chair of GB, 2020-21
Alison Rowett Parent 12/06/2018 12/06/2022 Parents Business, SQC  
Margaret Tulloch LA  02/09/1986 02/09/2022 Local Authority Business, SQC, Pay  
Vacancy    Parent           
Vacancy    Parent           
Vacancy    Co-opted          
Governors who have stepped down in the last 12 months      
Lise Charmillot Co-opted 04/07/2019 13/10/2020 GB    
Marina Szanto Co-opted 07/07/2015 21/07/2020 GB    
Oliva  Brooks Parent 21/11/2017 10/03/2020 Parents    

SQC -  Standards and Quality Committee