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House System

Each Tutor Group is comprised of members from each of the four Houses. Students have many opportunities to develop their personalities and extend their skills in extra-curricular activities with their House. There are a wide range of inter-House activities such as sports competitions and events to raise money for House Charities. These events happen throughout the year and can include art, music, drama, sport and technology. You gain points for your House through participating in the House events and performing well academically via the reward system. Through these events, students gain a great deal both socially and personally and we find that a sense of loyalty and commitment to the House is fostered. Each student is assigned to one of four Houses: Gibbs, Halliwells, Miltons and Newsoms, named after some of the school's original Housemasters.


"Miltons is built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect; students are extremely proud to be a member of the Miltons family and there is a strong sense of community. Miltons is a diverse house where difference is celebrated and students are encouraged to relish in their array of talents.."


"In Gibbs, our strong sense of community and true integrity means we are able to achieve with class. Gibbs House members are constantly striving for excellence, arriving to school with a positive mindset and challenging themselves to attempt new tasks and make progress in all subjects."


"I believe the main strength Halliwells students consistently demonstrate is the natural ability to give peer support and respect. There are endless positive role models emerging from this talented House who successfully inspire our younger pupils."


"Our house is grounded in the idea of family and belonging, where each student feels comfortable and confident enough to push themselves to achieve their potential. We show respect and resilience in everything we do, pushing through challenges to be the best version of ourselves possible."