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Information For Students

Here you will find resources to help you with your careers research and development of your employability skills. There is also information and resources to support you in researching and making decisions about your next steps. In addition, we would like to remind you of your entitlement and our expectations.

As a learner, you are entitled to:
  • Be treated as an individual and with respect
  • Be provided with the opportunity to learn the skills and gain the knowledge you will need to secure training/employment after leaving school
  • Be offered support as you need it
  • Have access to Careers Information, Advice and Guidance which is up to date, comprehensive and unbiased, including information about the job market
  • Have access to professional and expert guidance when you need it
  • Have access to information about all the options/pathways open to you once you leave school


  • Be active in helping yourself as well as expecting us to help you
  • Be prepared to be realistic in considering the range of options available and in making your own choices about
  • Be prepared to learn and stretch yourself in order to reach your potential
  • Be respectful of others, especially those who visit the school to support your career learning

Careers Research                               
Next Steps                                                 
Improving Your Employability

Careers Research

As part of your careers research, you should be aware which job areas will have the most opportunities and which areas may be in decline. This information is called Labour Market Information (LMI) and also covers the average salaries for each type of job. The following infographic is the latest LMI to be released by the National Careers Service for the London area.

Use the following tools and resources to help you find which careers may suit your skills and interests. You can also research the LMI for specific careers.




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Start Profile

You will be introduced to Start Profile in your Learning for Life lessons, but you can use it in your own time whenever you want to carry out personalised careers research. You can: create a profile and receive suggested career ideas that match your interests and skills; explore the different pathways into a career and where to study relevant courses; find out about up-to-date labour market information and how many jobs of this type are available in our region. For guidance on how to use Start Profile, please see here.

BBC Bitesize

Find out about how to get into different jobs linked to your favourite subjects.


Watch real people talk about their jobs. Explore careers by subject to see where your favourite subject could take you. Includes up-to-date job market information.

Careermag for Students

Careermag for School Leavers explores the different opportunities available to you after school or college.

Guide to Career Options 2021‚Äč

This guide is packed with advice to help you choose the right path, find virtual work experience, ace your video interviews, and much more. It also features the Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers 2020-2021, with insights into what it’s like to be an apprentice at each company.

To explore careers in specific professions and industries, please visit the following websites:

Next Steps

Here you will find information to support you in researching your next steps in study or employment, depending on which stage of education you are currently at.

Improving your employability

As well as researching potential careers and future study pathways, students should be actively trying to develop their employability skills. A lot of this will be done through the curriculum but below are some resources which can help further.